The way of healing is the journey to your true self. It leads you home - into your heart.

If you are truly in your heart, then you are in love. And when you are really in love - to yourself and to others - then comes the true joy of life.

You are free to choose the way of love!

Because love is everything we really long for, what we want to give and receive, what we want to express and send out.

Love is all that we truly ARE. 

The way of healing


The shamanic healing massage is an ancient technique of the indigenous peoples, through which the pain within the body is felt and released.


The belly is our centre and is considered to be the 'second brain', in which all experiences and traumas are stored. Emotions that overwhelm us are often "swallowed down" and usually still have an unconscious influence on us.


In the massage, the related, blocked energies are transformed. Physical and emotional tensions are released and the self-healing powers are activated.



HEALING MASSAGES any time in YOGACASA in Hollfeld in Franconian Switzerland
...from time to time in Berlin and in Vilnius

Just write me and I will let you know when I will be in your area!




....anytime by phone or zoom



The way of my own healing led me to Peru in 2017 to the indigenous maestro Mukanranko. In the jungle I gained a new understanding of my true self, experienced radical changes and an unprecedented clarity and joy. I also recognized my calling as a shaman and received my plant name Reshėnoma.

Since then I have spent several months each year in the Amazon to learn in the tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo Indians and to connect with the healing powers of the plants. In deep contemplation I explore the truths about my own being and about our existence. More and more I learn to be in acceptance with life, I feel peace and a deep trust. I get a feeling for what it means to be truly free and what it means to love myself.

The healing I have experienced, I want to bring into the world. I would like to accompany you on your way by offering shamanic massages, heart talks and healing retreats.

I am happy about every soul that my soul chooses to grow together!

Simona Amora

The way of healing



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