I do not know more than you, but I want to help you to connect with your inner voice and your own wisdom.

I cannot take away the pain of your past, but I can help you to see through old thought patterns and let go of burdensome feelings.

I cannot solve your worries about the future, but I can show you how to direct your attention to the moment and how to draw confidence from the now.

I cannot take away your fear, but I can encourage you to find trust in yourself, in life and in God.

I cannot walk the path through the darkness for you, but I can be at your side and accompany you.

I cannot heal your heart, but my heart may encourage yours to heal itself!

If you want it, I am here for you ♥

Heart Talks

~ Talk from my heart to your heart ~
via phone / threema / fb / whatsapp
energy exchange 30 to 50 Euro
(upon appreciation and possibility, if you have nothing to give, also for free :)