Shamanic Healing Massage

The shamanic healing massage is an ancient technique of indigenous tribes, whereby the pain inherent in the body is felt and released.

The stomach is the centre of well-being and health. In many ancient traditions it is seen as the centre of our inner strength, called 'Hara' or 'Manipura'. Our 'second brain' holds all events of our life and guides us through its intuitive power - our gut feeling. It often reacts to stress directly with pain or cramps. Emotions that we cannot transform or that overwhelm us are "swallowed", but usually have an unconscious influence on us.

Especially those experiences that are felt as very profound up to traumatic manifest themselves as tension, cramps and knots in our stomach. Such negatively suppressed or stored feelings are the ones that can affect our health even many years later and put us under psychological strain.

In the stomach massage I loosen these knots and help to release and transform the accumulated energies. This releases physical and emotional tension, improves the energy flow and activates the self-healing powers.

The healing does not only take place on a physical but also on an emotional level, you get back in touch with the language of your body and your own feelings. It also increases relaxation and harmonization of body and mind.

~ Belly massage ~

about 60 min

energy exchange 60-80 Euro

upon appreciation

~ Belly and back massage ~

about 85 min

energy exchange 85-100 Euro

upon appreciation