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Yoga has been a part of me for over 15 years - it has enriched my life a lot and has given me inner peace, joy and lightness, strength and stability as well as physical integrity.

Since my yoga teacher training in 2012 I have been teaching powerful and at the same time meditative yoga classes in which you are gently connected to your breathing and brought into the present moment. Dynamic aspects from Vinyasa and Prana Flow and the healing principles of Forrest Yoga result in an energetic flow, which finds its balance in the regenerative Yin Yoga. The meditation invites you to go into silence and connect with your heart. With cleansing rituals, energies are purified and the consciousness is opened for practice.


I love teaching, with humor, devotion and loving adjustments. My yoga classes are inspired by the flow of life, by the intuition that spontaneously enters and guides you. Vinyasa Flow Yoga corresponds to this flow - you give yourself to it in trust and let yourself drift

My focus and concentration is currently on my shamanic path, so I only rarely give yoga classes anymore.

Private lessons & yoga therapy are possible on request!